Small Business Loans

Is your business looking for more than just a traditional loan? Merchants Cash Partners’s small business loans are unlike traditional business loans because we do not require lengthy applications or deny your application based on precise FICO scores. With our Small Business Loan you can expect approval in just a few hours and funds deposited in your account as quick as one business day.

Advance Products

Our Advance program is a cutting-edge financing solution that provides you with the capital your business needs in exchange for a percentage of your future receivables. Flexible and affordable repayments which are determined by your business’ daily or weekly cash flow get automatically applied to the remaining balance of your funds, with a turnaround time of 2-3 hours to obtain the funds.

Credit Line

Here at Merchants Cash Partners, we know that business owners sometimes need access to different amounts of funds at different times for many purposes. This is why we offer a Line of Credit solution which allows you to get approved for larger amounts of funding but only incur costs on the funds which you use.

Bridge Loan

If you need assistance with payments to vendors, past taxes, or even suppliers, our SBA Bridge Loan funding solution is here to help. We help bridge the gap between the SBA loan process and provide you with the funds you need to overcome these obstacles.

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